Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thrift Thursdays... Just a plain white dress

So, I guess... if you haven't noticed I am trying to do something a little different based on the days of the week.  Thrift Thursday is going to be all my thrift store finds and how I make them work.  This white dress if the cave man days and I bought it at a thrift shop.  Sometimes you just have to see the potential in things.  I happen to find a white dress in the middle of July a SUPER cute look!

Shoes: Forever 21 last season, Cardigan: Banana Republic on sale, Necklace: J Crew via ebay, Watch: Target.

Same time tomorrow. Hope you are having a fabulous Thursday!



  1. great use of color here girl! the colors literally pop off that white dress - love it!!

  2. What a great thrift find, so cute!

    Lindsay @

  3. I approve. ;) Honestly ... love the white dress and love the green with it.

  4. Hi :) New to your blog. I love you Thrift finds! You look so put together. Your dress is anything but plain. It's so classic and looks amazing. The pairing of the Green Cardigan, The color of your shoes and necklace is awesome. I am big time into thrifting. I live in Texas and Austin has great Thrift shops.( Loads of J. Crew and Anthropologie ) Love this outfit.All of your clothing is gorgeous.

  5. I LOVE that you thrift (and look so FAB!!). I heart thrifting too!! Tell me this do you wear heels in your other posts - so CUTE but I loathe heels!! Well actually my heart loves heels, my FEET loathe them!!


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