Monday, July 9, 2012

Here is to Rain and Good Friends....

I have the coolest friend in the world who made this blog possible for me.  She is selfless in every way and I am thankful that I have her... One rainy afternoon... she did something with me that only an awesome friend like her would do... she goes out in the pouring rain to take pictures and gives ME the bigger umbrella!! Here are the shots we got that afternoon, which turned out to be the most fun I've had in a long time...

 And of course... here is my Kaylee... Check her out on She is the BEST!!!!!


  1. That dress looks amazing on you! Is it from H&M?..Looks familiar! Also loving the pop of blue in that clutch!
    Perfect outfit to brighten up a rainy day.


  2. Awww!!!! Thanks so much Cami! I love you and these pictures are super cute :) I miss you!!! Lets get together soon. Tomorrow looks good for me.

  3. Oh my, that dress looks amazing on you! Love the color of those shoes :)


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