Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIY Necklace - My Favorite!

I have been soooo sick this week! Like in 
bed, out of commission sick!! So.... I skipped a couple days! Here are the remaining looks this week has to offer:  What I want to show you in this picture more than anything else is my necklace.  Why you ask? Because I MADE IT! I bought a ring like 2 centuries ago and it broke... cheap ring, I know.  Well, I loved it so much that I made a necklace out of it.  I bought thin wire and a lobster claw to hook it with and there you have it!  Its one of my favorites and one of a kind.  You can always do that with old jewelry.  It is so much fun! This dress is from Lauren Conrad at Kohls, shoes are from Body Central (old) and yellow cardigan from Ann Taylor (thrifted).


  1. oh man, I probably got you sick! ;) looove that necklace. you are so stinking talented!
    and thanks so much for your comment earlier ... you're the best!

  2. Great job in saving that pretty ring. Looove the shoes!!!


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