Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Did You Miss Me???

After a very hectic weekend with family in town, I finally have a minute to sit and unwind doing what I love to do.  Since it's been 4 whole days, I owe you a couple of ideas :)  This is what I wore for work today.  I bought this cardigan at Ann Taylor on sale about a year ago for like $9.00. (check this out)   I really like this sweater.  Everything else is pretty basic.  Black pants are from New York and Co. and my shoes are from Ross brand Kenneth Cole $15.00.  The idea is to sass up plain black pants with a colorful top.  Adding green shoes doesn't hurt either.

My necklace and bracelets are from http://www.sammoon.com/.  CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED you will LOVE this sight and it is VERY easy to do some damage here!!! You can look for hours!!

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  1. I have a polka dot jacke I purchased recently but dont know haow to use it I do not own a red skirt...this will change this weekend :-) I also have an orange purse I wish I knew what to do with it. Help! I love them both would wear them every day yet haven't.


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