Monday, September 3, 2012

Today's guest: Amy

Hello OliviaMoone readers! Cami contacted me the other day and asked me to do a guest post for you all, and I’m so excited to be here! I blog over at CoffeeBeansandBobbyPins, if you haven’t checked out my blog, do it now!
This outfit was literally one of the first outfits I ever photographed, when the concept of “blogging” was more of an idea than an actual plan. My girlfriend was encouraging me to get it started (don’t you just love those kind of friends?) and so we went out in the back and a blog post was developed.
On another note, I got this shirt in the juniors section at Marshall’s. While it’s more like a belly shirt un-tucked, I knew it would be the perfect item to pair with some higher waist items. Plus, for 12.00 and that cute little bird print, I would have been a fool to pass that beauty up!

::Skirt The LOFT, Shirt Marshalls, Jewelry David Yurman Target J.Crew, Purse HOBO::
Thanks again to Cami for having me today, Im super jelly she is enjoying a vacation right now! Hope to see you all over at CB&BP, I’m hosting a DaisyGem giveaway until Tuesday so everyone should enter!
Have you ever had a friend push you to get a project started and been super thankful for the nudge? Or have you been the pusher?


  1. Cute look

  2. Love this outfit. Those colors look great together. I especially love that bag!

  3. Cute outfit! I love a bird print!!

  4. You look so great. I love pairing up purples and reds :)


  5. Love the colors! I have so many shirts that are wayyy too short to pair with jeans but are PERFECT for high waisted maxis/shorts/etc. Love the look!

    go for the glam 

  6. really, really, really, pretty!!


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