Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I... AM... CHEAP!!

You may or may not know this about me but... I love a good deal... better yet, I love a GREAT deal! When I talk about cheap, I mean it! My new secret obsession.. sshhh....consignment shops and thrift stores! That's right! This diva loves to get great finds that not everyone is aware of! Just today, I was found a fantastic black and white Polka Dot Dress (that I can't wait to pair with a red cardigan), 2 pair of white American Eagle shorts, and a green shirt from Express! You wanna know what my total was?? A whopping $11.23!! No, that's not a typo! In addition to my fabulous finds there, I scored a pair of The Webster coral flats at Target yesterday (Tuesdays are the best deal days, remember??) These flats were originally $29.99.  So, for just over $7.00 I have an amazing addition to my collection! I honestly don't know what's more shocking... the price... or that I bought a pair of flats?? Ha Ha.  Below are some picture to prove my theory works!!

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  1. ok, you are officially my favorite. I love seeing CHEAP in a post title. and I need all the fashion help I can get ... so if you are fashion+cheap, I found a good one.
    not to mention, you are adorable!!


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